Meet the Students

Sarah Elliot

My name is Sarah Elliott, and I’m a senior in the Didactic Program in Dietetics. After graduation, I will continue my education at ECU in the MS-DI program to work towards my goal of becoming a registered dietitian. I value individualized support and building personal relationships, so I would like to work in an outpatient counseling setting in the future. I am so grateful for the opportunities at ECU so far to interact with patients, pursue research, build connections, and build confidence as a future practitioner.

Sammy Stafford

My name is Samuel Stafford, and I am from Greensboro, N.C. I am currently in the didactic program in dietetics at ECU, and I work under Dr. Baybutt as a senior undergraduate research assistant studying in the field of nutrition science. I will be pursuing a combined master’s and dietetic internship in the future. Once I graduate, I want to be a registered dietitian specializing in type two diabetes care. I chose nutrition & dietetics as my major because of the personal impact that type two diabetes has had on my own family, and I want to pursue a career that could help individuals suffering from this disease. When I’m not immersed in schoolwork or research, I typically spend my time working out or listening to the vinyl records that I have collected over the years. By the way when it comes to my all-time favorite artist, it is undoubtedly Johnny Cash!

Julia Maple

My name is Julia Maple and I am in the Didactic program for the nutrition science department at ECU. My favorite classes so far have been either been nutritional biochemistry or nutrition and disease. After undergraduate, I will pursue my masters degree to become a RDN. I plan on working in outpatient and a long-term career goal of mine is to get on a federal level to help our country become healthier through nutritional education and access to healthy food for everyone. I am an ACE CPT and work for the REC center on ECU main campus! I also tutor student athletes. My favorite meal is breakfast and my favorite food is either pasta or oatmeal. I love to read a good romance novel, go out to eat with friends, go for walks outside and do yoga in my free time.

Jeremiah Moore

Hello, I am Jeremiah Moore and my academic journey has predominately taken place at ECU. I am currently a student in the MD Nutrition program at ECU, where I also serve as a graduate assistant and research assistant for a faculty member. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this program, and I have enjoyed the connections I have formed with faculty.